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September 22nd, 2010


Design Changes for the 2011 Angel of Water Surround

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Rocco Bruno, Designer and Founder, is at it again. The Angel of Water, already the world’s premier colon hydrotherapy system, is undergoing design changes to improve aesthetics and efficiencies. The new systems will begin shipping in October of 2010. Rocco says, “I am really excited about the new design changes we’ve made. Our desire to keep improving the Angel of Water never ceases. The new functional improvements will be much appreciated by the therapist. As for the new look, clients will welcome the elegance of Angel of Water, which will enhance their experience.

The new design changes include:

  • The Angel will now be constructed with a closed-mold process, meaning structurally the cabinets will be stronger.
  • The Angel will now have new recessed doors.
  • The Angel will now utilize new trim-line hinges on all doors.
  • The View Tube Sump will now have a drain hole, that will not be visible. The basin pan will have a separated compartment to accommodate any water overflow while protecting stored supplies.
  • There will now be a toe-kick on the basin cabinet.
  • Valves 1 and 2 will be mounted on an open-faced panel and be fitted out with trim kits like the basin top-side valves.