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August 22nd, 2011


Cherubum products re-launch and TechWIKI launch

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We would like to announce that Cherubum products are available again as of August 2011 renamed as Cherubum Enema/Douche Kit with Lavage Chair Accessory.  This device is Class I [Exempt] per 21  CFR 876.5210 and can be used for personal cleansing of the colon in a home setting.  The set-up and use booklets are available when you click through from or from   The lavage chair is a revolutionary platform and can be used with accompanying enema supplies with an existing toilet/plumbing in someone’s home to facilitate colon cleansing–that is, the irrigation of the lower colon.

Another new feature we’ve now put on is the TechWIKI.  Here we have assembled for your convenience a set of repair and replacement protocols that addresses and answers many of the technical questions we receive.  For consistency of terminology, we refer you to your AOW CM-1 User’s Guide, which describes each feature of the device in standardized fashion.

Remember, here’s how a WIKI works: WIKI is a web-based cross-referencing tool. Under each section heading offered here for a given fix-it or corrective action, you can link to other pages on the web that provide relevant information that might help you. For example, if our protocol calls for a crescent wrench, you can link to the definition of, yes indeed, a crescent wrench. You have all of the information you need at your fingertips to understand and complete the protocol we have provided in order to resume normal use of the device.

We invite you to provide additional topics for the TechWIKI if you do not see your topic of interest covered here. Please email your suggestions to, and use subject line: TechWIKI.