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Lifestream is pleased to release the clinical report in English of a pilot study organized and conducted at the Clinical Trials Centre of Ren Ai Branch, Taipei City Hospital, Taiwan. The research was conducted in 2011-2012 and included 68 subjects. Click here to read the full report. *Lifestream Purification Systems, LLC did not provide financial… Read More

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The Angel of Water CM-1 was presented at the FIME Show in Miami Beach, FL this past August. Gary Russ was assisted in the booth by Gloria Odonez.  The FIME show saw over 44,000 attendees from around the world, with most coming from South and Central America.  GI Doctors and Distributors showed great enthusiasm for… Read More

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Beijing, China Rocco Bruno and Gary Russ spent a week in Beijing, China training staff members of the very first Aqua Eco Hydro Spa. The spa, the first of its kind, is located in the popular Yanyuncun commercial district. Similar spas featuring the Angel of Water are already in the works. The projects are funded by… Read More

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Taipei, Taiwan Rocco Bruno and Gary Russ traveled to Taipei in April to conduct training sessions. The sessions were conducted in the Center for Clinical Trials wing at the Taipei City Hospital, Renai Branch, where an Angel of Water was installed. The sessions were attended by nurses, doctors, regulatory representatives and sales staff. The trip… Read More

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On Friday, April 27th, we visited Michael Titayevsky at Advanced Total Wellness/Mainline Health in Bala Cynwyd, PA to tour NutriCare and ATW’s colon hydrotherapy suite.  Michael Titayevsky, ND, has been in the health and wellness field specializing in orthomolecular & integrative medicine since 1996. He is a member of occidental institute research foundation and a… Read More

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To understand why we’ve designed the Angel of Water CM-1 the way we did, you would have to understand the legal and regulatory history behind professional colonics. Colon hydrotherapy is the process of administering an irrigation to the colon by a professional trained in the field. One of the concerns of medical interests who have… Read More

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Rocco Bruno recently traveled to Ti Sana Spa in Arlate, Italy to train owners Rosa and Erica D’Angelo and Dr. Rosella Iantorno and staff on the operation of two new Angel of Water units for their medical detox spa.  Ti Sana is a 4-star luxury resort and full service spa with 23 rooms and suites,… Read More

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We invite you to check out the new video we’ve put up on the Angel of Water CM1 facebook page.  In it, Dr. Y.M. Yong, MD, of Singapore responds to his experience with the Angel of Water CM-1 colon irrigation device.  Dr. Yong has been utilizing colon hydrotherapy with patients in private practice in Singapore… Read More

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We would like to announce that Cherubum products are available again as of August 2011 renamed as Cherubum Enema/Douche Kit with Lavage Chair Accessory.  This device is Class I [Exempt] per 21  CFR 876.5210 and can be used for personal cleansing of the colon in a home setting.  The set-up and use booklets are available… Read More

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Dear Joyce, You can find our Angel of Water Network by simply pulling down the About Us tab. Thank you for visiting one of our fine member clinics. We hope your next visit to an Angel of Water clinic is just as great. Thank you! Name: Joyce Email: Phone: xxxxxxx Comments: I live in… Read More

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