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Lifestream utilizes the services of a bonded crater, Western Industries, Inc., for professionally engineered crates designed to ensure your peace of mind during shipping. The Angel of Water ships in two palletized foam-lined crates that are fitted with Tip-n-Tell and Shock Watch meters to verify their safe handling in transit. Client instructions for breaking down the crates are posted on the outside of the crates.

Lifestream performs scheduled audits on all of our critical suppliers to ensure that they meet the quality standards we have set forth. Our goal is to minimize any inconvenience during shipping. While we cannot always control exigent circumstances that arise with international and domestic freight forwarding, we can and do meet the highest standards in product packaging to serve you best.

Surround Shipping Information

Surround Shipping Information Dimensions Weight
(inches) (lbs.)
Tower with crate: 28″ x 34″ x 79″ 330 lbs.
(ships upright like a refrigerator)
Basin with crate: 85″ x 42″ x 57″ 680 lbs.