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Revolutionizing Colon Hydrotherapy

The Angel of Water® Surround–a gravity-fed, open design–is the premier colon hydrotherapy system and is the first choice for hospitals and clinics around the world. Whether used prior to endoscopic or radiological procedures, as pre-operative prep, or for evacuation of the colon when otherwise medically indicated, the Angel of Water® is the safest, simplest, and most effective solution.

The Angel of Water’s aesthetics invite the patient to enjoy a comfortable reclining chair experience lasting approximately 30-40 minutes. Patients will experience dramatic elimination results after one session and will appreciate and prefer the procedure over oral preparatory drinks. Staff members will appreciate its effectiveness, ease-of-use, and safety features. The Angel of Water® Surround is quiet, sanitary, odorless and easy to clean and maintain. It requires only a small room; one staff person can oversee two systems/rooms. The Angel of Water® will enhance every doctor’s best efforts.

Three Key Points for Colon Hydrotherapy using the Angel of Water CM-1®

1) Hydration
    Delivers water safely and comfortably to irrigate the colon.
2) Activation
    Hydration activates peristalsis of the colon

3) Evacuation
    Peristalsis evacuates the contents of the colon.

Medical Settings

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Clinics
  • Radiology Clinics
  • Rehab Clinics
  • Gastroenterology Clinics
  • Nursing and Elderly Care Facilities

Medical Uses

  • Prior to Endoscopic or Radiological Procedures
  • Prior to Surgery
  • Post Surgery
  • Evacuation of the Contents of the Bowel